Neighborhood Crime Watch,

When out alone remember to stick to more visible streets and sidewalks to increase your safety. If you suspect you are being followed, change direction or cross the street to create distance between you and a stranger and go to the nearest house and call 9-1-1.

Richardson Police are investigating a suspicious persons call involving a young girl and an unknown male. The male approached the young girl in the south alley of the 1500 block of Auburn Drive on January 6, at approximately 6:00P.M. as the child was riding her bicycle home.

The male has been described as having a light brown skin tone, around 5-10” tall, 30 years of age, clean-shaven, no visible tattoos and a short spiky hair style. He was last seen wearing a thick black overcoat and operating a mid-sized 4-door vehicle either brown or gold in color.

If anyone believes they may have information they are encouraged to contact the Richardson Police Department at 972-744-4801.

Ofc. Mike Wieczorek
Richardson Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit



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