November 2016 Yard of the Month!

November 2016 Yard of the Month!

November: Chris Michero & Steven DePuy, 619 Greenleaf

Comments from the homeowners:

Happy Fall Y’all! We are very excited to be awarded YOM for November. We absolutely love getting the truck filled up this time of year with a variety of pumpkins, gourds, crotons, pepper plants and mums. We’ve found placing the groupings on the sidewalk and out of the flower beds and grass help deter the roly poly bugs from digging into the pumpkins from the bottom and sealing a quick fate. If we do place them in beds or lawns we always use an upside down terracotta saucer to keep it dry and not directly in the bugs territory. If you do find some holes or bites all you need to do is squeeze a little super glue (the clear kind) into the crevice and it seals it up nicely. The only thing that would make this win even better would be if it actually felt like autumn outside. We’re ready!!

Thanks Heights Park! We do love our little neighborhood and our patch of green here on Greenleaf.

Chris & Steven



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