May 2017 Yard of the Month!

May 2017 Yard of the Month!

May 2017: The Roberts, 522 Twilight Trail

Comments from the homeowners:

We are deeply grateful to the Heights Neighborhood Association for selecting our garden as The Yard of the Month Winner for May.

The Roberts Family has been in this home for 50 years. Our landscaping in front began with a row of bushes and two ash trees. As the trees weakened over the years we replaced them. One landscaper planted an oak for us and another landscaper planted a Chinese tree. With the shade gone, we began to envision a colorful artistic flower garden.

Kevin Shockley of Southern Pride Landscaping came into our lives at this time as a result of a recommendation by my neighbor. Kevin gradually transformed the garden over a period of several years by expanding spaces, shaping bushes and adding colorful perennials and annuals.

This year another of my neighbors let me know her granddaughter was selling flowers to benefit the Girl Scouts. I purchased several flats and these became the pink display under the oak tree.

It truly took the neighborhood to raise this garden and we thank you one and all.

Joan Roberts



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