August 2017 Yard of the Month: 714 Northill Drive

August 2017 Yard of the Month: 714 Northill Drive

The August 2017 Yard of the Month belongs to the Clatts at 714 Northill Drive. Here is what they had to say about their yard:

What a blessing and honor it is to be chosen as Yard of the Month by the Heights Neighborhood Association!

We’ve lived in our home for 21 years. What a journey of improvements we’ve dreamed and then slowly put into place and are still putting in place! Two years ago we lost one of our large trees between our sidewalk and street. This completely changed the way we design and maintain the bed closest to the street. What was once a shady bed, became a somewhat sunny one. Even though this presented a challenge, it became an opportunity to try out new plants. It’s now a work in progress as we discover what works best. We are trying sunny perennial plants – phlox, echinacea, daylily, indian blanket and purple button, to name a few – in addition to some annuals – zinnia, marigold,and basil.

I (Cindy) am an Epiphany Church community organic veggie gardener and have enjoyed bringing home organic knowledge to my yard. One of my favorite organic methods is a solution of seaweed and dish detergent as a great fertilizer and bug preventative.

We are thrilled neighbors have enjoyed our yard! It’s fun and humbling to see someone slow their walk to take in God’s blessing of nature’s colors, textures and heights in our little piece of heaven.

Thank you again for your generosity in nominating us. We love living in this warm, caring neighborhood, and value your friendship and encouragement.


Bob and Cindy Clatt



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