erika usie

Hey there, fellow neighbors,

I’d like to introduce myself as your 2018 President-Elect of Heights Park Neighborhood Association.

My name is Erika Usie (pronounced You-zay; not that it matters, but people are always asking) and I am thrilled to be part of the greatest neighborhood in Richardson! I’ve only lived in Heights Park for a little over two years, but have seen tremendous growth and change happening in that short time.

Sometimes change can be uncomfortable and scary, but I encourage you to support all of the wonderful ventures that our neighborhood association has recently implemented to embrace our growth. The board has been hard at work to generate loads of activities for all of Heights Park residents throughout the year. (Big shoutout real quick — Janet, Bonnie, Jeff, Melanie, Stephen, Robbie, Robert, Marsha, Erynn, Lynda. If you see any of these people, stop and give them a high five, air hug, real hug, fist bump or even just a wave for their hard work).

If you are new to the neighborhood and haven’t had a chance to attend some of our events, don’t be shy! It is the best way to meet your neighbors — young and old! If you are an established resident, reach out to the newcomers and let them know how lively and welcoming Heights Park is. Let’s work together to keep our neighborhood strong and connected.

Finally, if you ever see me out and about, please don’t hesitate to call out my name to introduce yourself (any and all pronunciations welcomed). I thoroughly enjoy meeting the people of our community who share the love of Heights Park!

Warm regards,


Erika Usie
Heights Park Neighborhood Association



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