October Decorated Yard of the Month: 714 Westwood Drive

October Decorated Yard of the Month: 714 Westwood Drive

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The October 2017 Decorated Yard of the Month belongs to Margaret Ann and Frank Schooler at 714 Westwood Drive. Here is what they had to say about their yard:

We moved into 714 Westwood on June 11, 1978 — Margaret Ann’s 33rd birthday. We’ve lived here 39 years. We purchased our home in Heights Park largely due to the trees and the love of cottage-style homes.

When we bought the home, the front yard had a large sweet gum tree and an overgrown jasmine bush by the front porch (which is now enclosed as a sunroom). Over the years, we have gradually expanded flower beds and continued to add perennials and varied annuals according to the season.

During our second year here, Frank planted a cedar elm on the parkway, where the red bench sits. He planted a live oak where the swing now hangs and three yaupon holly trees in front. A few years later, we hesitantly removed the sweet gum to have more visibility at the front of the house.

We are not Master Gardeners. Rather, we plant and replant and see what thrives. We have planted azaleas, yaupon holly bushes and boxwoods in front of the sunroom. None thrived. Five years ago we planted pittosporum in the spot and they have thrived. Finally!! Over the last 10 years, we have added brick paths, a large brick area by the driveway — partially because of the shade and partially because we had no success with grass.

The wicker swing has provided a way for us to meet walkers and offer adults and children a swing and visit and sometimes ice cream or a brownie. As we tell our young neighbors that we meet while they are walking by, our gardens have been a process. A 39-year process.

Our back gardens are lush under an elderly pecan tree that provides shade for ferns and more brick paths.

We love to share our gardens, so please don’t hesitate to stop by.

Margaret Ann and Frank Schooler



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