September 2018 Yard of the Month: 808 Ridgedale Drive

September 2018 Yard of the Month: 808 Ridgedale Drive

The September 2018 Yard of the Month belongs to Cindy and Tommy Dodson at 808 Ridgedale Drive. Here is what they had to say about their yard:

Thank you so much to the people of Heights Park for naming our home Yard of the Month.

We bought our home in 2011 and moved in October of 2012. We rehabbed the property inside and out and have really enjoyed both our home and being a part of such a great neighborhood.

We looked at this neighborhood for many years before moving. We loved the beautiful lots with all the trees. When we redid the yard we wanted both to update it but to keep the old charm that drew us to the neighborhood.

We must add that Heights Park is just a special area. We love all our neighbors on Ridgedale. We have lived in various places in the Dallas area as well as a couple stops in Orange County, Ca. and we can say Heights Park is a very special place.

Thanks again for the recognition but more importantly thanks to all our neighbors for making Heights Park such a special place to live.

Cindy and Tommy Dodson
808 Ridgedale Drive



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