Letty and her dog Sammy

Letty and her dog Sammy are part of the Richardson Dog Walker Watch Program.

Editor’s Note: Know Your Neighbor is an occasional feature of the people who make Heights Park such a great place to live. We believe everyone has a story to tell. If you know a neighbor who should be featured, email contact@heightspark.com.

Letty Biedenharn and her dog Sammy walk about six miles almost every day. Letty has been a member of our Neighborhood Crime Watch Patrol and now Sammy is, too!  She is also very involved in all things Heights Park — Yard of the Month committee, Book Club, Welcome Committee, and Block Captain.

Take a Bite Out of Crime

The Dog Walker Watch Program is the perfect partnership for you and your pooch. While you and your pup are out walking, you can provide extra eyes, ear, and tails to help assist your neighbors and Richardson Police Department with ongoing community crime watch efforts. The program trains you how to observe and report suspicious activity. Fill out the online application here.

How long have you lived in Heights Park?
Sixteen years

What’s your favorite thing about living here?
Great neighbors and that it’s a wonderful, safe place to walk, which I do every day that it’s not raining hard or icy! Also, I am across the parking lot from my church — Episcopal Church of the Epiphany.

Tell us something interesting about you and Sammy.
I’m a retired Richardson ISD teacher. I love to travel. I spend a good bit of my time involved in my church. I also love kids and have special young friends that I spend time with, including some in the neighborhood. Sammy also has a sister that lives in the neighborhood.

What made you decide to join the dog-walker program?
I have been a Crime-Watch Patrol person for about eight years. Since I am able to do my patrols as I walk and since Sammy always goes with me, it seemed like a natural thing to make him an official patroler, too!

Did you and Sammy receive any training?
Dogs participating in the program must be registered with the Richardson Police Department, and there is a training session that is required before a dog receives its official Dog Walker Watch bandanna. However, we received an exemption because I already underwent Crime Watch training. I’m proud to say he was the first official member of the Richardson Dog Walker Watch Program.



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