Biannual General Meeting to Feature ’50s, ’60s Flair

Who needs '50s or '60s costume inspiration for our next general meeting? The best-dressed man and woman will receive $25 gift cards!

Who needs ’50s or ’60s costume inspiration for our next general meeting? The best-dressed man and woman will receive $25 gift cards!

Neighbors are invited to learn more about Heights Park and Richardson’s history and celebrate the culture of the era at the biannual general meeting — Richardson Retro. The meeting starts at 7 p.m., Thursday, July 27, First United Methodist Church Richardson, Ogden Hall.

Guest Speaker

Stacey Davis with Richardson Public Library is returning to share fascinating facts, archive photos and more about Heights Park (you won’t believe how much our homes cost in the 1950s and 1960s) and the city of Richardson.

Donate School Supplies for Heights Elementary Teachers

We are collecting school supply donations for teachers at Heights Elementary School.  The teachers are requesting: Expo markers, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, pencils and erasers, and Kleenex. Bring your donations to the meeting.

Costume Contest

To honor the neighborhood’s history, please join your neighbors in dressing in 1950s and 1960s fashion. The best-dressed man and woman will receive $25 gift cards! Some stores to consider for finding costumes or vintage clothes — Party City in the Heights Shopping Center, Thrift City in Richardson, Dallas Vintage Shop in Plano, Lula B’s in Dallas, Dolly Python in Dallas, and The Groovy Coop in McKinney.

Bring Photos

Do you have some awesome photos of your house and the neighborhood from back in the day? Show up with them at the meeting a little early so we can display them for others to see. Be sure to put your name and contact info on the back. Stacey Davis might want to make copies for the library’s archives.

Food from the ’50s & ’60s  

Snack food is always fun, especially themed snack food! Email publications chair Bonnie Kudlicki to sign up to volunteer to bring any of the following items:

  • Onion dip and potato chips
  • Grape jelly meatballs
  • Mini cocktail wieners in blanket
  • Bacon wrapped Li’l Smokies
  • Stuffed celery with cream cheese and pimento or cherry tomato
  • Stuffed mushroom caps
  • Cheese Ball and Ritz crackers
  • Melon balls
  • Jello salad
  • Pound cake
  • Spritz cookies
  • Sprite fruit punch
  • Hi-C
  • Hawaiian Punch

July 2017 Yard of the Month: 1000 N. Lindale Lane

July 2017 Yard of the Month: 1000 N. Lindale Lane

July 2017 Yard of the Month: 1000 N. Lindale Lane

The July 2017 Yard of the Month belongs to the Murillo Family at 1000 N. Lindale Lane. Here is what they had to say about their yard:

“We have lived in this home since 2004. Slowly, we have been working on the inside and outside areas. About three years ago, we painted the brick exterior and replaced the windows and shutters. That made a big difference in the curb appeal of the home. That change inspired us to continue working in the yard — both front and back. Each summer since, we have been experimenting with caladium bulbs — usually buying them in bulk from North Haven Gardens. This year, we planted 200 Aaron jumbo caladium bulbs in late April. They seem to be doing the best of all the caladiums we have planted over the years.

“We have also planted elaeagnus shrubs along the south side of the house, which have filled in nicely, and seem to like the soil. On the north side of the house, we have planted a border of Indian hawthorn. We have also created a small garden of Indian hawthorn plants in the front.
On the front patio, we have different begonias, most of which we winter in the garage.

“Our home is a wonderful gathering spot for our family and friends, and many times we gather in our back yard garden, where we have planted a border of Savannah holly.

“We enjoy the neighborhood very much, and are grateful for our wonderful neighbors. Thank you very much for the honor of choosing our home for Yard of the Month for July 2017.”

— The Murillo Family

June 2017 Yard of the Month: 823 Westwood Drive

June 2017 Yard of the Month: 823 Westwood Drive

Our June 2017 Yard of the Month belongs to Nancy and Scott Worrell at 823 Westwood Drive. Here is what they have to say about their beautiful xeriscape yard:

“We are extremely honored to be chosen as Yard Of The Month for June by the Heights Park Neighborhood Association.

“We have lived in our house for almost 16 years. Our yard has evolved over time. What started as a lawn of grass and a few boxwoods has become our own little arboretum. The design and concept was my own creation. My husband thought I was crazy when I told him I was going to remove all the grass from the front yard. 😉 It has taken a few years to slowly accomplish this.

“My goal was to create a xeriscape that would be beneficial to the wildlife and preserve our natural resources. We are an extremely Earth friendly family. We maintain a fully Organic garden. No pesticides or chemicals are used. We have planted host plants as well as nectar plants to promote our butterfly population. The monarchs are amazing when they are in flight. I maintain two bee hives that pollinate our yard and neighborhood. We have focused on planting Texas native plants. We relying mostly on our five rain barrels, instead of city water. Some of the many benefits of planting Texas natives is they are drought tolerant and will survive our hot summers. They will reseed and propagate each year as well.

“We love that our neighbors enjoy walking by and stopping to watch all the goings on at any given time. We want our yard to not only be enjoyed by us but everyone that comes in contact with it. Feel free to come by and enjoy it as well. I love to talk natives and organic gardening.”

— Nancy and Scottie Worrell

Cool Games, Treats, Family Fun at The Heights of Summer Street Party on June 11

The Heights of Summer 2017

Mark your calendars for an afternoon of fun at The Heights of Summer, our second annual street party!

There will be free snow cones, a bounce house, dunk tank, scavenger hunt, raffle prizes for Heights Park Neighborhood Association members, and so much more for the whole family from 2-5 p.m. on Sunday, June 11 on the 800 block of Ridgedale Drive.

Click here for a full-size flier to print, text or email.

This event is brought to you by the Heights Park Neighborhood Association. All residents of Heights Park are invited.

Watch a video from 2016’s The Heights of Summer Street Party at the bottom of this post.

Read the May 2017 Newsletter

Inside the May 2017 newsletter, you will find news about:

November 2016 Newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter

  • Our 2nd Annual Street Party on Saturday, June 3.
  • The next General Meeting on Thursday, July 27.
  • A recap of the General Meeting on Feb. 4, featuring Burton Gilliam, star of “Blazing Saddles” and Dallas-Fort Worth resident.
  • Tips for caring for your trees.
  • The history and efforts of Heights Park Neighborhood Association.
  • And SO much more!

May 2017 Yard of the Month!

May 2017 Yard of the Month!

May 2017 Yard of the Month!

May 2017: The Roberts, 522 Twilight Trail

Comments from the homeowners:

We are deeply grateful to the Heights Neighborhood Association for selecting our garden as The Yard of the Month Winner for May.

The Roberts Family has been in this home for 50 years. Our landscaping in front began with a row of bushes and two ash trees. As the trees weakened over the years we replaced them. One landscaper planted an oak for us and another landscaper planted a Chinese tree. With the shade gone, we began to envision a colorful artistic flower garden.

Kevin Shockley of Southern Pride Landscaping came into our lives at this time as a result of a recommendation by my neighbor. Kevin gradually transformed the garden over a period of several years by expanding spaces, shaping bushes and adding colorful perennials and annuals.

This year another of my neighbors let me know her granddaughter was selling flowers to benefit the Girl Scouts. I purchased several flats and these became the pink display under the oak tree.

It truly took the neighborhood to raise this garden and we thank you one and all.

Joan Roberts