Heights Park Neighborhood Meeting: Pop-Up Professional Panel

Has the New Year got you itching to reorganize your closets? Ready to refresh or remodeling a room? How about creating a piece of paradise in your own backyard? Or maybe you’re ready to solve all your current house woes by just buying a new home. Whatever your dilemma, we’ve got solutions.

Heights Park Neighborhood Association proudly presents P3, a Pop-Up Panel of Professionals including expertise in interior design, organization, landscaping, fire safety/prevention, general contracting and real estate. You will have the chance to sit down and ask questions of these knowledgeable folks in a casual setting. 

Our General Meeting will be held on Saturday, Feb. 9 from 10-11:30 a.m. at the First United Methodist Church, Mays Hall. The meeting will kick off with brief general business including our annual board elections. The P3 will follow. So grab some coffee, breakfast refreshments, and a notepad and get ready to get savvy.



George P. Sinclair: Heights Park’s Dressed-to-Impress Dinosaur

Did you know that a dinosaur roams Heights Park? Fear not, George is a friendly fella who has a penchant for celebrating the seasons with style. Neighbors Joanna and Heath Bessire share the story of how George made his way to the 500 block of Newberry.

George’s full name is George P. Sinclair. He is a Sinclair Oil dinosaur. In 2016, when we had just moved in, we saw him on Craigslist but we had just bought a house and agreed that buying a dinosaur for the yard seemed like a ridiculous purchase.

On Christmas Day 2017, I (Joanna) woke up and opened the curtains and George was looking in the window. He looked cold, so we gave him a home. The decorations started out small, but quickly took on a life of their own and may end up out of control in the future.

We love to see little kids light up when they come around the corner. Just last week a whole birthday party stopped by, which was super cute. It’s even entertaining to watch adults try to be stealthy while they take a quick picture.

We both have art backgrounds, so making things for George to wear is a fun hobby. I think my favorite outfit is his raincoat and Heath’s favorite is Halloween (skeleton). Hats and signs are the easiest, since he’s not exactly a standard costume size.

He makes us happy so we are thrilled that he makes other people happy as well. We have so many more ideas so please continue to come by and say hi.

— Joanna and Heath Bessire



December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month: 600 Winchester Drive

December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month: 600 Winchester Drive
December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month: 600 Winchester Drive

The December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month belongs to Gabriel and Melissa (Renner) Williamson. Here is what Melissa had to say about their yard:

Thank you so much for the honor of Decorated Yard of the Month. We are delighted!

Our Christmas display has grown over the years, as we typically scour the clearance aisles to pick out one or two new items after Christmas — something we can add to the display the following year. 

We like the white lights on the house, but we also like a lot of color, so the colorful path lights are my favorite. Gabriel custom-made the tree that is on our flagpole, and this year it has presents underneath and ornaments hanging within. Our Nutcracker keeps watch from the west arbor. But who are we kidding? We know the addition of the FLYING PIG on our east deck is what put us over the top.

I gently suggested we should have a theme, but Gabriel said our theme is anything that lights up. That works! And we are overjoyed when we see people stop and take pictures with the flying pig or candy cane-munching dinosaur. Our own small children love it all, too.  

We love our old house, big trees, great neighbors and pretty, joyful neighborhood. Thank you for recognizing us. We hope our yard makes you smile. Happy Holidays!

Gabriel and Melissa (Renner) Williamson
Blake, Lexy and Lainey
600 Winchester Drive

December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month: 600 Winchester Drive
December 2018 Decorated Yard of the Month: 600 Winchester Drive



Sing, Stroll, Celebrate with Neighbors on Sunday, Dec. 9

Carolers will start at the location most convenient to them at 5:30 p.m. Once they finish their route, they will travel to 719 Parkview for an after-party at 7 p.m. Note: The HPNA board selected these routes based on the number of members on these streets in hopes of increasing the number of carolers (and carolees) this year.

The Heights Park Holiday Sing and Stroll is almost here! Before we gather at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 9, here are some details about the fun evening of caroling door-to-door.

Carolers will meet at one of four designated locations (see information at the bottom). Carolers must arrive at the location most convenient to them by 5:30 p.m. Ideally, each group will have approximately 10 to 20 people. Songbooks will be provided. Carolers are encouraged to bring flashlights (it will be dark) and strollers/wagons for little ones. If you plan to participate in the Holiday Sing and Stroll, email contact@heightspark.com.

Carolers will stop at homes with porch lights on, and will sing at approximately five to seven homes. For those who aren’t caroling, we look forward to performing for y’all. If you hear singing, please enjoy the music from the comfort of your patio chairs and, if you know the song, feel free to join in!

After caroling, all singers are invited to a festive after-party at the Netzers’ house, 719 Parkview, by 7 p.m. The celebration will have hot chocolate, cookies and egg nog. Carolers are encouraged to drop off a treat to share at the Netzers’ house by 4 p.m. Sunday.

Holiday Sing and Stroll Starting Locations

The HPNA board selected these routes based on the number of members on these streets in hopes of increasing the number of carolers (and carolees) this year.

  1. Floyd and Stardust
  • Proceed east on Stardust.
  • North on Lindale.
  • East on Twilight to Twilight Circle.
  • West on Twilight.
  1. Floyd and Lockwood
  • Proceed east on Lockwood.
  • North on Lindale.
  • West on Westwood.
  1. Floyd and Newberry
  • Proceed west on Newberry.
  • North on Thompson.
  • East on Greenleaf.
  1. Floyd and Northill
  • Proceed east on Northill.
  • North on Lindale.
  • West on Winchester.



Set Up Spiral Trees by Dec. 8, Sing and Stroll on Dec. 9

Carolers in Heights Park

Neighbors are encouraged to set up their spiral trees on Saturday, Dec. 8 and participate in caroling on Sunday, Dec. 9.

Heights Park Neighborhood Association has two winter traditions that are greeted with a ho, ho, holiday spirit by many.

spiral trees

If you need a spiral tree, they are available at stores and online — Walmart, Target, etc. — for about $30.

When the leaves have fallen and revealed the beauty of bare branches, we ask residents to light up their streets with white spiral trees. Last year’s plantings were plentiful, but we want to see more!

If you don’t yet have yours, seek out a spiral, secure a socket and sprout your spiral on Saturday, Dec. 8. — just in time to provide the perfect setting for the second tradition.

On Sunday, Dec. 9, we will once again gather for Holiday Sing and Stroll. We will serenade our friends and families by caroling while strolling through the neighborhood. Just picture yourself strolling and singing among the spirals.

In order to plan our caroling routes, we need to know who will participate. Email contact@heightspark.com to let us know you are coming. Songbooks will be provided; additional details are forthcoming.



November 2018 Yard of the Month: 619 Greenleaf Drive

November 2018 Yard of the Month: 619 Greenleaf Drive

November 2018 Yard of the Month: 619 Greenleaf Drive

The November 2018 Yard of the Month belongs to Steven DePuy and Chris Michero. Here is what they had to say about their yard:

As you know, fall is our favorite time of the year and we love being able to spend cool afternoons outdoors in the garden. We’re so excited to be this year’s Yard of the Month for November. Our front garden is continuing to develop and is always evolving with new types of plants and different placements, so we are so honored to be recognized by the neighborhood with this accolade.

Cheers to the holiday season!

Steven & Chris
619 Greenleaf Drive



Know Your Neighbor: Letty Biedenharn and Sammy Help Keep Heights Park Safe

Letty and her dog Sammy

Letty and her dog Sammy are part of the Richardson Dog Walker Watch Program.

Editor’s Note: Know Your Neighbor is an occasional feature of the people who make Heights Park such a great place to live. We believe everyone has a story to tell. If you know a neighbor who should be featured, email contact@heightspark.com.

Letty Biedenharn and her dog Sammy walk about six miles almost every day. Letty has been a member of our Neighborhood Crime Watch Patrol and now Sammy is, too!  She is also very involved in all things Heights Park — Yard of the Month committee, Book Club, Welcome Committee, and Block Captain.

Take a Bite Out of Crime

The Dog Walker Watch Program is the perfect partnership for you and your pooch. While you and your pup are out walking, you can provide extra eyes, ear, and tails to help assist your neighbors and Richardson Police Department with ongoing community crime watch efforts. The program trains you how to observe and report suspicious activity. Fill out the online application here.

How long have you lived in Heights Park?
Sixteen years

What’s your favorite thing about living here?
Great neighbors and that it’s a wonderful, safe place to walk, which I do every day that it’s not raining hard or icy! Also, I am across the parking lot from my church — Episcopal Church of the Epiphany.

Tell us something interesting about you and Sammy.
I’m a retired Richardson ISD teacher. I love to travel. I spend a good bit of my time involved in my church. I also love kids and have special young friends that I spend time with, including some in the neighborhood. Sammy also has a sister that lives in the neighborhood.

What made you decide to join the dog-walker program?
I have been a Crime-Watch Patrol person for about eight years. Since I am able to do my patrols as I walk and since Sammy always goes with me, it seemed like a natural thing to make him an official patroler, too!

Did you and Sammy receive any training?
Dogs participating in the program must be registered with the Richardson Police Department, and there is a training session that is required before a dog receives its official Dog Walker Watch bandanna. However, we received an exemption because I already underwent Crime Watch training. I’m proud to say he was the first official member of the Richardson Dog Walker Watch Program.



Top 10 Reasons for Living in Heights Park

Sign in front of Heights ParkHear what your neighbors had to say about the favorable community and home we know as Heights Park! We’ve compiled a top 10 list of Heights Park’s best attributes, as told by our appreciative residents.

10 — An active crime patrol for a safer living environment.

9 — Riding bikes to eat breakfast at Communion, Parks Donuts, Cinnaholic, etc.

8 — Richardson High School Homecoming Parade – Go Eagles!

7 — Our local YMCA, Youthfully Mobilizing Community Activities.

6 — Heights Park Neighborhood Association’s (HPNA) neighborhood-wide illuminated spiral trees in winter.

5 — Heights Aquatic Center is liquid heaven for summers that are hotter than &#$*!

4 — HPNA’s annual The Heights of Summer traveling block party is sizzlin’ fun!

3 — Our namesake neighborhood park, where you can play sports, relax and run, and explore its pretty shale-lined creek.

2 — Hanging out in a front yard with neighbors of all ages.

1 — Unique, vintage homes from the ’50s and ’60s and the majestic, mature trees.

As indicated by these results, we have an exceptional neighborhood just waiting to be explored. How about using the shade of our most popular answer to enjoy our very own Heights Park neighborhood.

If you would like more information on any of the HPNA activities, please email us at contact@heightspark.com.