July 2018 Yard of the Month: 536 Greenleaf Drive

July 2018 Yard of the Month: 536 Greenleaf Drive

July 2018 Yard of the Month: 536 Greenleaf Drive

The July 2018 Yard of the Month belongs to Gracie Evans at 536 Greenleaf Drive. Here is what she had to say about her yard:

Thank you neighbors for awarding me with Yard of the Month! Our neighborhood has so many great looking yards; it’s an honor to have won!

The redo of my yard has been a long time coming. I bought my house at the end of 2015 and decided the interior needed renovation first. It took about a year and a half to get everything on the inside done to my liking. Once I was satisfied with that, I knew the exterior was the next on the list to be done.

I contacted Keane Landscaping, which really deserves the credit for everything. I did not know exactly what I wanted except something low maintenance yet beautiful. Alex Courtney met with me many times to share ideas but the best thing they provided was a 3-D mock up of how everything would look. I highly recommend this for anyone who, like me, doesn’t understand or know landscaping very well.

A favorite feature of my new yard is the lights used to light up and cast shadows on my house at night. Thank you Heights Park Neighborhood Association for this great honor!

Gracie Evans, 536 Greenleaf Drive

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