June 2016 Yard of the Month!

613 Twilight Trail

613 Twilight Trail

June: The Thompsons, 613 Twilight Trail

Comments from the homeowners:

What an amazing surprise to learn my yard was chosen by the Heights Park Neighborhood Association as their “Yard of the Month” for June.

My family moved to Richardson in 1976. We immediately fell in love with the neighborhood, its convenience to schools, churches, library, retail stores, medical facilities, and the easy access to the freeway.

In March of 2013 we decided to update the outside of the house; to make it more accessible for my husband who was then with a walker. I had “Scapes Incorporated”, a landscape company, add a front porch area, change the walkway to accommodate the width of a walker/wheelchair by extending and lowering steps, and then add flower beds for a bit of color. They did a wonderful job; but the credit of maintaining the yard definitely goes to my long time lawn person Jerry Arledge of Arledge Gardens. Thanks to Jerry’s knowledge and his #1 man, Marcus, the yard is alive with color.

Please enjoy the yard!

– The Thompsons



May 2016 Yard of the Month!

804 North Floyd Road

804 North Floyd Road

May: John and Gay Lynn Millerman, 804 North Floyd Road

Comments from the homeowners:

We want to thank the Heights Park Neighborhood Association for choosing our yard as the Yard of The Month for May, 2016. We are honored to receive this designation and the gift certificate that accompanies it.

We’ve lived at 804 N. Floyd Rd for 38 years and can thank the previous owners for providing a great start on what has become a beautiful lot. All the trees had been planted and most of the flower beds dug. For the first several years all we had to do was water, mow, edge, and plant whatever annuals we liked. Then the trees got big and we had to start compensating for the lack of sunlight, so we started creating beds for shade-tolerant plants under the tree limbs. As time went by, these beds had to be enlarged because the canopy of the trees became bigger, so, like any yard, it is always a work in progress.

The pecan tree at the center of our oddly-shaped backyard became so big that all the Saint Augustine grass eventually died, so we substituted decomposed granite for grass and created new shade-tolerant beds under the limbs of the tree. This has resulted in a pleasant “garden feel” to our back yard. It’s great for just sitting in the shade of the tree and relaxing with a glass of wine. We love our yard, and I have to give my wife credit for her creativity and energy when it comes to its care. My own skills have been pretty much limited to “the guy stuff”—mowing, edging, blowing off the clippings, and digging holes for new bushes or flowering plants.

Seasonal bunnies, a scarecrow, pumpkins, and holiday lights add to our year round enjoyment of the outdoors.

— John and Gay Lynn Millerman



Spring 2016 Announcements

Read below to see what’s coming!


Come enjoy ice cream, root beer, games at Heights Park!

Exact date being finalized now, but will likely be early June.

Watch for more details over the next few months. We’ll post information on our HPNA Website, NextDoor.com, Facebook page, and in these monthly email updates.


We’re turning our neighborhood into a Winter Wonderland this year!

We’re asking residents to put out at least one spiral tree in their yard — more if you can — so every street in our neighborhood glows with Holiday Spirit!

Date: December 3rd.

We’ll provide you with links and places to purchase spiral trees over the next few months. But put it on your calendar!


To culminate our neighborhood decorating activity, we’ll gather a group of holiday music lovers and carol through the streets, then meet at Heights Park for hot chocolate and snacks!
Date: December 4th.
More information coming on this event in the coming months, too!



A community workshop to discuss the next phase for implementing the Main Street/Central Expressway Redevelopment Strategy will be held Tuesday, March 29th from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. in the Grand Hall at the Richardson Civic Center/City Hall.

This workshop focuses on Phase 3 of the project that consists of rezoning four sub-districts located in the southern portion of the Corridor. (along the east and west sides of US 75 from Phillips Street to south of Spring Valley Road).

In addition, the City will be making refinements to the existing codes that apply to the central portion of the Corridor — Interurban, Main Street, Central Place (Heights Shopping Center area), and Chinatown.

You can get additional information by emailing tina.firgens@cor.gov or mainstreetcentral@cor.gov. You can also find information at www.cor.net/msc.

Please try to attend the workshop on March 29th.


Saturday, April 16th
9:00 – 1:00
Cleanup Event starts at 9:00
After Party starts at 11:00
City Hall/Civic Center

If you want to participate, register your location via the City’s website. www.cor.gov

Also available in conjunction with Trash Bash
Electronics Drop-off and Document Shredding
First United Methodist Church Richardson

(mark your calendars)  

  • February 11 (Thursday, 7:00 p.m.): General Meeting, Election, Program
  • Spring Event (NEW); Ice Cream and Games at Heights Park (early June; date TBD)
  • Late June: Newsletter Delivered
  • July 21 (Thursday, 7:00 p.m.): General Meeting, Program
  • Early October: Newsletter Delivered
  • October 22 (Saturday, 11:30 – 1:30): OctoberFest in Heights Park
  • December 3: Heights Winter Wonderland (NEW); Set Out Your Spiral Trees!
  • December Holiday Event (NEW); Neighborhood Caroling and Holiday Festivities in the Park (possibly Dec 4)

HPNA Board Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month; 6:30 p.m., usually at First United Methodist Church. Anyone is welcome to attend. Send an email to contact@heightspark.com to get specific location info.



Loving Our Pets and Our Neighbors

One of Heights Park's Most Polite Canines (Oktoberfest, 2013)

One of Heights Park’s Most Polite Canines (Oktoberfest, 2013)

Spring is just around the corner and with the warmer days most of us will be out in our yards, walking, biking and enjoying our park. Since we have decided to live in this neighborhood and be part of this great community, let’s remember to be good neighbors.

Richardson has a leash law for our streets and parks. To keep our pets and people safe, keep your dogs on their leash when walking or visiting the park. I’ve had my dog off leash at the park at times when no one is around so I’m not judging.

It’s important to consider that a dog off leash could get excited and run in front of a car and be injured or killed. Dogs off leash can also frighten or impede walkers, jogger, bikers and children. Even the best socialized dog can get ruffled by another not socialized dog and the results can be costly. Neighbors have voiced concerns with this issue so this is a public service request.

Richardson has a dog park. This is a great place so our furry kids can run and play with other furry kids in a safe and friendly environment. This was a long time coming so let’s support this hard fought project. The park is located west of Hwy 75 under the George Bush Freeway. It is open daily 6:30AM – 10:30 PM. Check out the city website for directions, details and updates.

Lastly, please remember to pick up after your pets. Our puppies love their walks and love to do their business on these walks. It’s natural and it’s normal. Since we live in community with our neighbors, don’t leave an unwanted present for your neighbor to step in. Carry at least two poop bags on your walks, one is never enough. Trust me.

Let’s all be good neighbors and keep our neighborhood strong and safe. We must live together (both our four legged and two legged residents) we might as well live happy. Thank you.

Marsha Mayo, Crime Watch Patrol Coordinator



January 2016 Announcements!

Even If It's Cold, You Can Still Have Fun at Heights Park

Even If It’s Cold, You Can Still Have Fun at Heights Park

HPNA General Meeting This Week

The next HPNA General Meeting is this Thursday, FEB. 11th at 7:00 p.m. in the Ogden Fellowship Hall up at First United Methodist Church… and it’s an Emergency Preparedness Program featuring:

Alisha Gimbel, CEM, ABCP
Preparedness and Mitigation Coordinator
City of Richardson
Office Of Emergency Management

When disaster strikes, city services may be cut off and local disaster relief and government responders may not be able to reach you as quickly as usual. You need to have plans and supplies in place to make it on your own, at least for a limited time, no matter where you are.

Learn how to create an Emergency Supply Kit for your home and your vehicle. You’ll find ways to create Family Emergency Plans and tips on establishing a Communication Plan. We’ll discuss helpful tips for preparing for your loved ones with functional needs as well as your family pets.

From teaching small children their full name, address, and phone number to creating a Family Emergency Plan and building an Emergency Supply Kit, no act of preparedness is too small to make a difference.

January Digital Newsletter Available

View the most recent January 2016 neighborhood newsletter and all the archives over on the Newsletters page.