May 2016 Yard of the Month!

804 North Floyd Road

804 North Floyd Road

May: John and Gay Lynn Millerman, 804 North Floyd Road

Comments from the homeowners:

We want to thank the Heights Park Neighborhood Association for choosing our yard as the Yard of The Month for May, 2016. We are honored to receive this designation and the gift certificate that accompanies it.

We’ve lived at 804 N. Floyd Rd for 38 years and can thank the previous owners for providing a great start on what has become a beautiful lot. All the trees had been planted and most of the flower beds dug. For the first several years all we had to do was water, mow, edge, and plant whatever annuals we liked. Then the trees got big and we had to start compensating for the lack of sunlight, so we started creating beds for shade-tolerant plants under the tree limbs. As time went by, these beds had to be enlarged because the canopy of the trees became bigger, so, like any yard, it is always a work in progress.

The pecan tree at the center of our oddly-shaped backyard became so big that all the Saint Augustine grass eventually died, so we substituted decomposed granite for grass and created new shade-tolerant beds under the limbs of the tree. This has resulted in a pleasant “garden feel” to our back yard. It’s great for just sitting in the shade of the tree and relaxing with a glass of wine. We love our yard, and I have to give my wife credit for her creativity and energy when it comes to its care. My own skills have been pretty much limited to “the guy stuff”—mowing, edging, blowing off the clippings, and digging holes for new bushes or flowering plants.

Seasonal bunnies, a scarecrow, pumpkins, and holiday lights add to our year round enjoyment of the outdoors.

— John and Gay Lynn Millerman



Spring 2016 Announcements

Read below to see what’s coming!


Come enjoy ice cream, root beer, games at Heights Park!

Exact date being finalized now, but will likely be early June.

Watch for more details over the next few months. We’ll post information on our HPNA Website,, Facebook page, and in these monthly email updates.


We’re turning our neighborhood into a Winter Wonderland this year!

We’re asking residents to put out at least one spiral tree in their yard — more if you can — so every street in our neighborhood glows with Holiday Spirit!

Date: December 3rd.

We’ll provide you with links and places to purchase spiral trees over the next few months. But put it on your calendar!


To culminate our neighborhood decorating activity, we’ll gather a group of holiday music lovers and carol through the streets, then meet at Heights Park for hot chocolate and snacks!
Date: December 4th.
More information coming on this event in the coming months, too!



A community workshop to discuss the next phase for implementing the Main Street/Central Expressway Redevelopment Strategy will be held Tuesday, March 29th from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. in the Grand Hall at the Richardson Civic Center/City Hall.

This workshop focuses on Phase 3 of the project that consists of rezoning four sub-districts located in the southern portion of the Corridor. (along the east and west sides of US 75 from Phillips Street to south of Spring Valley Road).

In addition, the City will be making refinements to the existing codes that apply to the central portion of the Corridor — Interurban, Main Street, Central Place (Heights Shopping Center area), and Chinatown.

You can get additional information by emailing or You can also find information at

Please try to attend the workshop on March 29th.


Saturday, April 16th
9:00 – 1:00
Cleanup Event starts at 9:00
After Party starts at 11:00
City Hall/Civic Center

If you want to participate, register your location via the City’s website.

Also available in conjunction with Trash Bash
Electronics Drop-off and Document Shredding
First United Methodist Church Richardson

(mark your calendars)  

  • February 11 (Thursday, 7:00 p.m.): General Meeting, Election, Program
  • Spring Event (NEW); Ice Cream and Games at Heights Park (early June; date TBD)
  • Late June: Newsletter Delivered
  • July 21 (Thursday, 7:00 p.m.): General Meeting, Program
  • Early October: Newsletter Delivered
  • October 22 (Saturday, 11:30 – 1:30): OctoberFest in Heights Park
  • December 3: Heights Winter Wonderland (NEW); Set Out Your Spiral Trees!
  • December Holiday Event (NEW); Neighborhood Caroling and Holiday Festivities in the Park (possibly Dec 4)

HPNA Board Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month; 6:30 p.m., usually at First United Methodist Church. Anyone is welcome to attend. Send an email to to get specific location info.



Loving Our Pets and Our Neighbors

One of Heights Park's Most Polite Canines (Oktoberfest, 2013)

One of Heights Park’s Most Polite Canines (Oktoberfest, 2013)

Spring is just around the corner and with the warmer days most of us will be out in our yards, walking, biking and enjoying our park. Since we have decided to live in this neighborhood and be part of this great community, let’s remember to be good neighbors.

Richardson has a leash law for our streets and parks. To keep our pets and people safe, keep your dogs on their leash when walking or visiting the park. I’ve had my dog off leash at the park at times when no one is around so I’m not judging.

It’s important to consider that a dog off leash could get excited and run in front of a car and be injured or killed. Dogs off leash can also frighten or impede walkers, jogger, bikers and children. Even the best socialized dog can get ruffled by another not socialized dog and the results can be costly. Neighbors have voiced concerns with this issue so this is a public service request.

Richardson has a dog park. This is a great place so our furry kids can run and play with other furry kids in a safe and friendly environment. This was a long time coming so let’s support this hard fought project. The park is located west of Hwy 75 under the George Bush Freeway. It is open daily 6:30AM – 10:30 PM. Check out the city website for directions, details and updates.

Lastly, please remember to pick up after your pets. Our puppies love their walks and love to do their business on these walks. It’s natural and it’s normal. Since we live in community with our neighbors, don’t leave an unwanted present for your neighbor to step in. Carry at least two poop bags on your walks, one is never enough. Trust me.

Let’s all be good neighbors and keep our neighborhood strong and safe. We must live together (both our four legged and two legged residents) we might as well live happy. Thank you.

Marsha Mayo, Crime Watch Patrol Coordinator



January 2016 Announcements!

Even If It's Cold, You Can Still Have Fun at Heights Park

Even If It’s Cold, You Can Still Have Fun at Heights Park

HPNA General Meeting This Week

The next HPNA General Meeting is this Thursday, FEB. 11th at 7:00 p.m. in the Ogden Fellowship Hall up at First United Methodist Church… and it’s an Emergency Preparedness Program featuring:

Alisha Gimbel, CEM, ABCP
Preparedness and Mitigation Coordinator
City of Richardson
Office Of Emergency Management

When disaster strikes, city services may be cut off and local disaster relief and government responders may not be able to reach you as quickly as usual. You need to have plans and supplies in place to make it on your own, at least for a limited time, no matter where you are.

Learn how to create an Emergency Supply Kit for your home and your vehicle. You’ll find ways to create Family Emergency Plans and tips on establishing a Communication Plan. We’ll discuss helpful tips for preparing for your loved ones with functional needs as well as your family pets.

From teaching small children their full name, address, and phone number to creating a Family Emergency Plan and building an Emergency Supply Kit, no act of preparedness is too small to make a difference.

January Digital Newsletter Available

View the most recent January 2016 neighborhood newsletter and all the archives over on the Newsletters page.



December 2015 Yard of the Month!

616 Greenleaf Drive

616 Greenleaf Drive

December: Caroline & Ashlee House, 616 Greenleaf Drive

Comments from the homeowners:

Wow! When we heard that we had been voted as the December Decorated Yard of the Month, we were ecstatic! My sister, Ashlee and I grew up in Richardson and love it here. When it came time to start looking at buying a house, there was no question that we needed to be in Heights Park! We love this neighborhood and all that it has to offer… and we often refer to it as “the bubble”. Ashlee and I love Christmas and we count down the days to Thanksgiving… not for the turkey, dressing & cranberry sauce….but that it means continuous Christmas music plays on our favorite radio stations, Christmas trees (yes we have two of them in our tiny 1,500 square foot house) and outdoor lights go up! We always go with the traditional white lights and love them! We’ve added bits and pieces each year including candy canes and perfect ornaments to go on the two juniper trees. We love our décor and the only thing that could make it better would be… getting rid of all those dang leaves! Thank you again for this honor and thank you to the Heights Park Neighborhood Association for your support of “the bubble”. Each year we see more and more houses that decorate and love walking around our little neighborhood to see the lights. We truly have the greatest neighborhood and we wish all of you a very Happy Holidays!

Caroline & Ashlee House



November 2015 Yard of the Month!

525 Westwood Drive

525 Westwood Drive

November: Chris and Rani McElrath, 525 Westwood Drive

Comments from the homeowners:

Thank you very much for the honor of being chosen as Yard of the Month!
One of the great things about the Heights Neighborhood is the genuine pride of ownership for the vast majority of homeowners around us, so this award is really special to us to (and yes my wife is still jumping up and down for joy).

We started this process six years ago and I call it a process because my wife, Rani, has yet to meet a garden center, arborist, or big box home improvement store that she is not willing to spend money in to improve our cottage. Most of the time I am trying to reign her in, especially after she drives around and sees all the neighbors recent and continued improvements, so thank you all for that!

We decided (ok, I decided) this past year to try and keep our landscaping as easy to maintain as possible, so we centered our lawn on mostly native perennials with splashes of seasonal color. We have based our landscaping on a three tiered philosophy; it needs to be attractive, functional, and easy. So my weekends are often spent running off to the garden store to buy some seasonal color, a couple of vegetable plants, and or a new perennial. I just asked my wife if we were going to go through all of this trouble couldn’t we at least get a fresh pepper or tomato out of the process (and of course grubs killed that dream for me this year). So this award was so much more rewarding with all the issues we had this year with pests.

My wife still has much bigger plans for our landscape in our future I am just hoping I don’t have to dip into our 401K to fund it. Thanks again for this honor!

Chris and Rani McElrath



October 2015 Yard of the Month!

619 Greenleaf

619 Greenleaf

October: Chris Michero and Steven DePuy, 619 Greenleaf

Comments from the homeowners:

We are thrilled to be awarded this awesome month’s YOM. We look forward to this time of year and seem to consistently be one of the earliest at Calloway’s to get their first batch of the best pumpkin and gourde varieties! The best part for us is seeing the neighbors come out in excitement when the first assortment is being unloaded from the car or seeing families stop by to take photos of their little ones perched on a pumpkin. We like to ‘keep it classy’ with more of a harvest pumpkin patch look leading up to the big night when we bring out more of the spook factor. On Halloween night we have a little graveyard, awesome lighting and fog, ghosts and ghouls putting on a show in one of the big front windows and jacks flickering around the yard. A question we always get is how to keep squirrels from eating up our pumpkins. Here’s what we have tried with some success: Use any cheap aerosol hairspray from the Dollar Store and give a nice even coat to each. This makes the initial taste bad at first bite and they usually move on. This will give the pumpkin a nice sheen too. Be warned though, as I put way too much hair spray on this year and after a round of the sprinkler system white marks and spots covered these pumpkins and we had to scrub with soap and warm water many times and even use a little turpentine to remove most of the white build up. We have noticed over the years that they tend to mainly go for the jack o lantern pumpkins since they have the softest skin which is good because the ornamentals are the most expensive. Here’s the All Time Best Way to keep them off your prize winners: a small offering. This year we decided to buy the cheap pie pumpkins and put one or two at the base of our trees towards the back so they’re not visible from the street. They go for these immediately because they’re very soft skinned and if frightened they can just race back up the tree. One will last about 3 days until it’s so devoured or rotten they move on. It really works! Happy Halloween everyone from 619 Greenleaf!

Chris Michero and Steven DePuy